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Welcome to Horton, Kansas

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If you are a vendor interested in supplying the City of Horton with it's needs, please sign-up on the vendor contact list so that we can alert you when we are in need of bids, proposals and statements of qualifications.

Phone (785) 486-2681

Mailing Address:
205 E 8th Street, P.O. Box 30
Horton, Kansas 66439-0030


Horton Main Street

The City of Horton, Kansas, proudly located in agriculturally based
Brown County in
Northeast Kansas and on the original Pony Express
route, is a town of approximately 2,000.  We are a progressive and growing community, which recent Census figures show as growing, both in terms of economics and population. 


To illustrate the community‚Äôs dedication and commitment to efficient, progressive government, please take this opportunity to review and please return frequently as this site is being updated daily. The City of Horton, rightfully dubbed the Electric City, operates its own local distributing company (LDC), having a 5 Aerial View of Hortonmegawatt generating facility; a water treatment and distribution system, treating, on average, 180,000 gallons per day; and a water pollution control center, which treats nearly 160,000 gallons of wastewater per day.  Additionally, the City constructs and maintains over 25-miles of street infrastructure and provides 24-hour a day 911 and police service.  All of this is achieved by the tireless efforts of 23 full-time City personnel.


The City of Horton, its residents, and its governing body stand firmly in alliance with our neighbors the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas, located only five-miles west of Horton and the hosts to the Golden Eagle Casino, a full-scale gaming entertainment center.


Additionally, you will discover historical information and find Horton has much to offer in recreation, education and community services. See the regularly updated News and Events Calendar for the latest events and try to attend if you are in our community. is owned by the City of Horton, Kansas, and is operated by city personnel and members of the community having restricted access to organizational pages.  If you have any questions in regards to our website or our community, please do not hesitate to call the Horton City Hall at (785) 486-2681 or e-mail and we will try to answer any questions you may have.


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