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Workers Compensation

Generally.  Workers compensation is an insurance plan provided by the employer, as required by the Kansas Workers Compensation Act, to pay employee benefits for job-related injuries, disability or death.  Benefits are paid at the employer's expense.  Coverage begins the first day on the job.

Kansas passed its first workers compensation law in 1911.  By regulating litigation and benefits, the law is designed to protect the interests of both employers and employees.  Employers benefit by substituting a known expense (premiums to workers compensation insurance providers) for the risk of large, unbudgeted expenses in the event of serious employee disabilities. 

Present Kansas law requires the City of Horton to provide, for employees who are disabled due to a job-related injury or disease, the minimum:

  • Medical expenses to treat the job-related injury or illness;
  • Income benefits to replace the part of wages lost due to a disability; and/or
  • If death results from a job-related injury or disease, benefits may be paid to surviving spouse, dependents or heirs.

For more information relating to workers compensation for Kansas employees and employers, please view the "Workers Compensation Information for Kansas Employers & Employees" brochure jointly produced by the Kansas Deparment of Human Resources, Division of Workers Compensation and the Kansas Department of Insurance

Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust.  The Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust ("KMIT"), which was established in 1994 by the League of Kansas Municipalities to prevent job-related injuries, illnesses and deaths, and to provide affordable insurance premiums to member cities, is the City of Horton's workers compensation insurance provider.  The City of Horton is required to  provide Workers Compensation Notice for Job-Related Injuries, which the City of Horton currently maintains above all time-clocks, on the employee notice board, and on this website.  Additionally, the City of Horton is required to provide Special Notice to Each Injured Employee, which details "What To Do If An Accident Occurs On The Job." 

Procedure for Applying for Benefits Under the Kansas Workers Compensation Act.  The process for applying for benefits under the Kansas Workers Compensation Act is:

  1. Notify Your Supervisor Immediately.
  2. Obtain an AUTHORIZATION FOR WORK COMP MEDICAL TREATMENT FORM from your supervisor.  This will include information regarding the facility you are to go to for care.
  3. Arrive at the medical facility in a timely fashion.
  4. Present the AUTHORIZATION FORM to the receptionist.
  5. Return appropriate medical treatment forms to your supervisor before returning to duty or immediately after each appointment.
  6. Keep all appointments for ongoing medical care and participate fully in the treatment of your injury or illness.

If you need help in applying for any benefits that may be available under the Kansas Workers Compensation Act, you may contact Victoria Vanderhoof, Claims Adjuster, Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust, at:

It is each employees responsibility to inform their supervisor of any compensable claim within ten (10) days of the occurrence.  Once notifying the employee's supervisor, the employee will be referred to a preferred provider for care, which the City of Horton has designated as the Northeast Center for Health & Wellness.  If the employee chooses to use an unauthorized physician, the employee may be responsible for payment of charges in excess of $500.00.

The chart below explains the Workers Compensation process, from beginning-to-end. 

Workers Comp Flow Chart (2)

Special Notice Regarding Injured Employee Rights.   If you were hurt on the job and have an questions about Workers Compensation benefits contact the Ombudsman/Claims Advisory Section at the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation.  The Division of Workers Compensation has full-time personnel who specialize in aiding injured workers with claim information and problems.  They can give information about benefits an injured worker may be entitled to receive.  They can help try to solve problems with benefits not being paid on time, with medical treatment, with unpaid medical bills, with questions about how to figure settlement amounts, etc. 

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