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Ordinances that have been adopted since the last codification in 2001.
City Code
The current Horton City Code was codified and adopted in 2001. Ordinances that have been adopted since that time are listed separately under ordinances. If you have any questions concerning the codes of the City of Horton please call 785-486-2681.
Zoning Regulations (1999)
The 1999 Zoning Regulations are available for download, either in part or by relevant section. For questions regarding zoning, please contact either City Clerk/City Administrator Candy Schmitt, who also servces as Zoning Administrator, or Codes Enforcement Officer, Jimmy Stuart.
Subdivision Regulations (1999)
The 1999 Subdivision Regulations are available for download in whole, or in part by relevant secion for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding subdivision financing or possible incentives, please do not hesitate to contact City Administrator Jim Whisenant at (785) 486-2681 or by e-mail at
Proposed Ordinances
Ordinances proposed before the Governing Body of the City of Horton and made available for public review at least two weeks prior to scheduled final action for ordinances.
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