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Phone:  (785) 486-2681

Fax:      (785) 486-2381

E-Mail:  cityofhorton@hortonkansas.netcity hall

The City of Horton is a city of the second class and operates under a commission form of government.  Horton City Code 1-201.  A city of the second class is any city that has been declared by the Governor of the State of Kansas as having a population between that of 2,000 and 15,000.  K.S.A. 14-101 (1872).  The City of Horton is one of only 14 cities of the second class, out of 91 total, that operate under the commission form of government in entire state.  §1.19, Michael Heim, Kansas Local Government Law, Second Edition, 2001.  While state statute provides that cities chartered under article 11, chapter 14 of the Kansas Statutes shall have one mayor and two commissioners, K.S.A. 14-1204 (1968), “cities under their home-rule powers may establish different forms or make variations in statutory forms” of government.  §1.12, Michael Heim, Kansas Local Government Law, Second Edition, 2001. 

Horton City Commission.  Under the home-rule power, the City of Horton has abrogated the statutory number of members on the commission and has created five members. In Horton, the five members of the commission are the mayor, the commissioner of finance and revenue, the commissioner of streets and public utilities, the commissioner of parks, and the commissioner of police.  Horton City Code 1-201.

Current members of the Horton City Commission are:

  • Mayor Tim Lentz, P.O. Box 30, Horton, Kans. 66439.  Cell Phone: 785-548-5028.  E-Mail:

  • Commissioner Kenneth Krug (Finance & Revenue), P.O. Box 30, Horton, Kans. 66439.  Home Phone: 785-486-2681.  E-Mail:

  • Commissioner Jeremy Forkenbrock (Police), P.O. Box 30, Horton, Kans. 66439.  Home Phone: 785-486-3197.  E-Mail:

  • Commissioner Wade Edwards (Streets & Public Utilities), P.O. Box 30, Horton, Kans. 66439.  Home Phone:  785-486-0181.  E-Mail:

  • Commissioner Al Barton (Parks & Recreation), P.O. Box 30, Horton, Kans. 66439.  Home Phone: 785-486-3544.  E-Mail:


City Administrator's E-Mail:

City Clerk's E-Mail:

Deputy City Clerk's E-Mail:

Utility Billing Clerk's E-Mail:

The day-to-day administration of the City of Horton is vested with the Horton City Administrator, and the City Clerk is a position required, under Kansas state law, to serve as a check fair, faithful and honest administration of the municipality.  In the City of Horton, there is, in addition to the City Administrator and City Clerk, the Deputy City Clerk and the Utilities Billing Clerk.  Horton Administration is, generally, responsible for (a) serving as liaison between the Horton City Commission, personnel of the City of Horton, and, most importantly, citizens of the City of Horton; (b) all accounts receivables and payables; (c) utility billing administration, coordination and account disposition; (d) all reporting required by both state and federal regulations; and (e) other day-to-day activities that are necessary for the proper administration of the City of Horton.

City Utilities.

Water E-Mail:

Electric E-Mail:

The City of Horton operates water pollution control, water treatment and distribution and electric generation and distribution utilities.  In addition, the City, via contract, provides for all solid waste collection and disposal.  In the electric utility, the City serves approximately 990 customers, including residential, commercial and industrial end-users.  Water pollution control treats approximately 180,000 gallons of influent waste per day; however, during times of high flow, the treatment plant can treat as much as 1,000,000 gallons per day and store another 800,000 gallons for later treatment in its equalization basin.  Finally, the water utility is the subject over $7,000,000.00 in immediate public investment for the restoration of Mission Lake, the City's surface source of water.  The Mission Lake Restoration Project (MLRP) is a cost-share cooperative project with the Kansas State Conservation Commission and other various state agencies providing technical assistance.  After the restoration of Mission Lake, the water utility will require additional public investment in order to meet new EPA guidelines in regards to the treatment of surface water.


Street's E-Mail:

The City of Horton, in addition to operating four public utilities, also develops, constructs and maintains nearly 35-miles of municipal streets and right-of-ways.  In 2007, the City of Horton undertook the complete revitalization of Central Avenue south of 15th Street.  This important project will not only help with the more efficient and thorough transport of storm waters from Central Avenue and other area streets, but will also improve passage for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  In the years following 2007, the City of Horton will be undertaking the rehabilitation of the curbs and sidewalks, beginning with 10th Street, for each block to the east and west of Central Avenue.  If accomplished, the City of Horton will have replaced over 25 blocks of curbs and sidewalks, improving pedestrian traffic and furthering our City's commitment to American's with disabilities, within a 10-year period.

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